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Video released: The beauty of North Peru

First days of operating the Radar in Piura, May 15, 2019

UDEP has produced a video showing the implications of the new Radar for scientific progress as well as for the benefits of the society.... The implementation of the Radar is supported by various authorities in Peru and the video explains several applications for the data gathered by the instrument like flooding forecast, irrigation planning, ecological studies and touristic activities. Also it stresses the importance of placing the Radar at this site, where the global climate phenomenon El Niño impacts most heavily. watch on youtube

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High-impact Article in BAMS

Bulletin of the American Meteorological society publishes article about RadarNetSur, June 15, 2017

The Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society is one of the highest ranked in the field of Meteorology.... In it´s June 2017 Edition the article "RADARNET-SUR FIRST WEATHER RADAR NETWORK IN TROPICAL HIGH MOUNTAINS" was published. The Author-team of 21 scientists from ecuadorian and german institution are proud, that BAMS also chose the article and a picture of the CAXX-Radar as the opener for the whole volume 98. The article details the achievements of the first three years of operating the Radar network and also some older results from the LOXX-Radar in the ecuadorian Province of Zamora. The Article is accesible here
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Comparison of interpolated and radar based rainfall maps